Should I go to a GP or a physiotherapist for my injury?


This is a question that often comes up, and a good one to ensure you’re getting the most efficient, appropriate treatment available.


If you are feeling unwell, or have sustained a serious injury ie. you’ve got a massive laceration… please head to the GP and for something like the latter, the emergency department as soon as possible.


A physio is an appropriate first point of call for any musculoskeletal concerns.


We see bone, joint, ligament, muscle, tendon and nerve issues day in and day out and we can spend time diagnosing and commencing treatment for your concern as soon as possible.


Along with appropriate time to diagnose your injury or concern, our physios have the time to explain possible causative factors and provide education. An explanation of your injury is important to avoid worsening of the current situation and understanding of what can be done to make it better. On the first physio session, we will begin the rehab process to get you back to feeling good and on the way to getting back to your usual activities.


Sure, you can go to your GP first, but they are not lucky enough to have much time as we do and they see a vast array of concerns. Physios have specific training in muscle, joint and nerve problems and we can get treatment underway from day dot!


A physio is great to see first as, we understand the importance of keeping your GP in the loop so if at any point during your treatment journey it is necessary for your GP to become involved in your care we are able to send appropriate correspondence to your healthcare team to ensure you are getting a collaborative team approach to your care.


I’ve sustained an non-serious injury in a car accident or at work? What’s my next step?


It’s best in a situation such as this to see your GP first. For any WorkCover or TAC related claims, it is required that you obtain a referral from your GP prior to commencing physio.


If you are still unsure. Please give us a call to assist you in making an appropriate decision.



Dylan Barnaby
Dylan Barnaby
Principal Physiotherapist (APA) B. Physio Dylan has gained broad experience treating patients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. After two years of providing player support to AFL clubs travelling to Perth, Dylan is continuing his work with the Gold Coast Suns as a Melbourne based trainer.